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I don’t really post things like this, but it’s quite sad how hundreds of teens around the age of us are missing or dying or even worse probably not even here on earth anymore and are resting in paradise. I’m very grateful that none of my relatives were on that ship, but it’s also possible that friends of my cousins could have been on that ship and I pray dearly for them. And to the class president who gave up his life jacket to his fellow classmate. God bless. Our world really needs people like you. I’m very sure your school and family would be proud of you. I love you all. Stay strong South Korea.

 Sehun has grown so much


preparing ur ipod for a long trip like ur storing up food for a long winter

You’re so beautiful~

Super Junior M 2008-2014


{PIC} NU’EST JR @ Haru*Hana Vol 23


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140319 The Three Musketeers

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my tombstone will say, cause of death: donghae’s manly bodeh!!!!!!


Exo @ Seoul Fashion Week